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Bandung is one of the several beautiful places in the maritime continent of Indonesia. Where Bali island is one of them.

Bandung is the capital city of West Java Province, about 180 km (about 110 miles) southern from Jakarta, the capital city of Republic of Indonesia. It lies between 107o 36' East-Longitude and 6o 55' South-Latitude and about 768 m above the sea level. The average temperatures range from 18oC to 30oC with 70% humidity and 1,884 mm rainfall per year. The population were 2,056,915 people in the year 1990 and the population were 17,378 people/sq km. Most of the people are Sundanese and they speak Sundanese Language. Bahasa Indonesia and English are spoken too.

With this above geographic data, Bandung becomes a big city surrounded by cool and nice mountainous areas. Due to its beautiful panoramas, friendliness and high creativity of the people with beautiful girls called "Mojang Priangan", Bandung is well known as the flower city.

The city of Bandung was a lake which then became dry, surrounded by beautiful tangles of mountain peaks. According to the legend lives among the local people, the name of Bandung derived from bendung (dam). The dam was built across the Citarum river by Sangkuriang to fulfil the wedding condition decreed by Dayang Sumbi as his bride-to be. Because Dayang Sumbi had known that Sangkuriang was her missing son, so the creating some efforts to fail Sangkuriang was will as if Sangkuriang couldn't fulfil the task on time. Dayang Sumbi then disappeared and her magic scraf touched one of the edge of the lake which made it burst into and then the lake became dry. On this drying lake the city of Bandung established until now.

Wiranatakusuma I, the regent of Bandung in the year 1794 to 1829, who had moved the capital city of Bandung from Karapyak to the square town performed many service for the development of Bandung. The landlords of the tea plantations around Bandung who had built a lot of beautiful building also played an important role in developing Bandung. The same goes for the Dutch Colonial Government, the settlement and the comfortable resting areas.

Besides its role as the center of the government of West Java Province, Bandung nowadays becomes an important city for business activities, education, industry and tourism. Therefore Bandung has been completed by many facilities for the necessity of local people and the tourists. Due to the creativity of the regional government as well as the local people, Bandung becomes a city which has accepted many awards from both levels: national and international. Bandung also often becomes a pioneer in many kinds of activities throughout Indonesia, so that a lot of tourists are interested in visiting it.

Take a pleasure in the tourist wonder of West Java! West Java is one of the most spectacular of all of the provinces in the Republic of Indonesia. It occupies the western part of Java island, bordered by Central Java on the east, by Indian ocean on the south, separated from Sumatera island by Sunda strait on the west, and it shares border with Jakarta capital of Republic of Indonesia on the north; provides visitors with a true variety of experiences. Sundanese, the people of West Java ore noted for rich art and culture. Wayang Golek or the whole-night puppet show, Angklung bamboo music, and jaipong dance are performing arts which are most popular within people. Come and enjoy this world of praises, marvel at its natural beauty, enjoy the hospitality of its people, experience its wonders and feel the true warmth... You can find several beautiful places to go.

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